growing-painsIf you haven’t heard, Kirk Cameron, teenage heartthrob and man-boy perm enthusiast from the late 80s TV series Growing Pains, made tremors when he said homosexuality is “unnatural” and that it’s “detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

Let’s make this quick.

Homosexuality is quite natural, at least if one defines “natural” as existing in or formed by nature (the way the dictionary does).  We all know people can be gay.  Some people argue they aren’t born that way, they’re wrong, just ask Gaga – but that’s another convo for another day.  The issue here is that homosexuality goes further than people.  Did you know that homosexuality exists in animals?  And I’m not just talking about dolphins (sorry, Brittany).

Homosexual behavior has been documented in over 1,500 species of animals. Homosexuality has been well-documented in over 500 species.  And the proposed explanations for why animals are sometimes gay are near as varied as the number of animals that are gay.  Marking territory, establishing dominance, recreation, familial bonding, and on and on.  But until we can ask a male lion why he’s into another male lion, I think we should just take it at face value.

Animals are as gay as humans.

Not too weird, right?  Considering, ya’ know, humans are animals.  Or at least that would be what most of the scientific community would agree upon.  But there are still those outliers who think we’re on a level separate from animals, that we were created by a god and we have the unique ability to sin and corrupt and be corrupted, things reserved just for humans.

If you don’t believe homosexuality in people is natural, but instead claim it’s some combo of sin and corruption and voodoo and skinny jeans, how can you reconcile gay lions and tigers and bears?

Oh my.  You can’t?

If you believe that God created man in his image, that’s your prerogative.  You may also believe god created animals as they are now.  Fine.  But if that’s all true, you should also realize that God created gay.  And it’s not a good Christian who challenges the divine plan, is it?

Don’t worry, Kurt, we all still have a lot of growing up to do.

Update: a wonderful person pointed out this hilarious video reaction to Kirk.  I felt compelled to share.


Here’s Cameron’s interview clip.  Feel free to share your reactions in the comments.