The response to It’s Pronounced Metrosexual has been incredibly positive.  Student affairs professionals from around the country who offered their time to review and critique the script provided great input and had faith that it would render a powerful performance, and students and staff who have seen the show have regaled it to be one of the best they’ve seen.  Below are a few video reactions to the show.

Marc West, Director of Student Life and Involvement

Mitch Joseph, Director of Campus Life

Student Reactions to It’s Pronounced Metrosexual

Peer Reactions to the Script

  • “It’s funny, really funny, but Sam still introduces a powerful message.”
  • “Sam is fantastic.”
  • It’s Pronounced Metrosexual is a great way to start talking about issues of diversity and inequality.”
  • “Relatable, funny, sincere.”
  • “You won’t regret bringing Sam to your campus.”
  • “Students will love this.”
  • “By the end of It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, your students will be asking for more.”