This poster is for Rick Santorum, et al. Β Same-sex marriages are happening, gays are serving openly in the military, and the world isn’t falling apart (well, maybe it is, but it was a preexisting condition).

Yet anti-human-rights activists like Santorum and the rest of the Slippery Slopers can’t help but remind us that gay marriage is just the beginning. Β In the end, we’ll all be humping household appliances.

Print this poster and hang it with pride if you disagree.

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As with everything I make here, it’s free for you to use however you’d like. Β The .PDF is of a high enough resolution to scale nicely up to full poster size, making it a great addition for a dorm room, bedroom, war room, or the side of Santorum’s campaign bus. Β And the .JPGs will look great wherever you can find a home for them on the web.