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“Gay Marriage Equals” Poster

This poster is for Rick Santorum, et al.  Same-sex marriages are happening, gays are serving openly in the military, and the world isn’t falling apart (well, maybe it is, but it was a preexisting condition).

Yet anti-human-rights activists like Santorum and the rest of the Slippery Slopers can’t help but remind us that gay marriage is just the beginning.  In the end, we’ll all be humping household appliances.

Print this poster and hang it with pride if you disagree.

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As with everything I make here, it’s free for you to use however you’d like.  The .PDF is of a high enough resolution to scale nicely up to full poster size, making it a great addition for a dorm room, bedroom, war room, or the side of Santorum’s campaign bus.  And the .JPGs will look great wherever you can find a home for them on the web.


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