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Reader-funding is a new experiment as of 2018, and I wrote all about it 6 months in (disclosing numbers, and some other thoughts), in case you want to read about how it's going.

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Learn More about Donating to IPM

It’s my goal to keep this site ad-free and to continue producing quality pieces for you to read, share, and use.  If you appreciate what I’ve created here, and would like to support me so I can keep doing it, donations are a great way to do so.

7 Reasons to Donate to IPM

  1. Everything I create here — from genderbread people to toilet signs to the privilege lists –I allow others to use for free. As a testament to this, I’ve released my copyright on everything I produce.
  2. I’ve made about negative $80/month $400/month (needed new hosting) keeping this site running.
  3. You’ve spent money on things you care about less, but can rest assured that I will sincerely appreciate and put every penny to good use.
  4. If the site generated money instead of costing it, I could afford to promote articles, increase their reach, and further spread social justice goodness.
  5. On the flipside of #4, donations ensure that this site will be forever free of ads and outside promotions/influences.
  6. I’ll love you forever, even though I already do.
  7. The less time I need to spend on freelance work to pay my bills the more time I can spend here, writing articles and creating resources.

Are donations tax-deductible?

No, despite IPM being an uncopyrighted, free, open-source online resource that is run like a non-profit, donations to IPM are not tax deductible. IPM is not a 501(c)(3) non-profit, but is part of the hues Global Justice Collective.

If it’s important for you that your donation be tax deductible, and you want to support a similar cause, I’d suggest you make a contribution to GLSEN.

Why don’t I have ads for revenue?

Good question.  The answer: for a couple of reasons.

The short answer is that I’m ethically against running advertisements on this site.  I don’t do ads for the same reason I shy away from reviewing anything or supporting any products: I don’t want anyone to be concerned that I’m writing for anybody but my readers.  I want to write for you — not for Google, or Adbrite, or anyone else, chalking my site and articles full of dummy links and search-engine-friendly buzzwords — even if writing just for my readers comes at a monetary cost.

Also, I experimented with advertising on the site in 2014 to see what I thought about it.  I used Google’s Adsense product to populate the ads.  Beyond normal issues of the site being slowed down and the ads loading oddly, I found that the content of the ads often conflicted with what I was trying to do here.  Advertisements for unhealthy weight loss programs, using body image issues to manipulate people into clicks, political ads that went against my message of social justice (e.g., campaign ads for literally Ted Cruz) — just to name a few — didn’t exactly fit in the sidebar of this site.

Finally, and this is no small grievance, Google repeatedly shut down my ad account because of the sex-positive, “Adult Nature” of this site (i.e., that I use the word “sex” in a shame-free way).  In order to secure consistent advertising, I would need to make my writing advertising-friendly (AKA censored and unjust), or sign on with an ad agency that did “adult” sites (i.e., porn sites), and I didn’t see either of those paths fixing any of my problems, but instead creating a new slew of more pernicious problems.

So no advertising is my path. And reader-funding is my new (as of 2018) path.

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