All of my original work here – my articles, edugraphics, videos, books, and courses – is uncopyrighted, and offered as my gift to you, for you to use however you’d like.

You can read the initial announcement when I uncopyrighted my work in 2013 here, as well as a reflection I made about the decision a year later.

There are no exceptions, gotchas, or needs to ask permission. I get too many permission requests to use my work, or to modify it, to respond to them all, and they’re all unnecessary. Please just direct the people asking for my permission to this page, or to my uncopyright notice on

And no, you don’t have pay to reprint or use anything I’ve created here. There are no pay walls here in general, because I believe restricting access to educational resources is antithetical to social justice. But if you want to offer a gift to reciprocate, you’re invited to. Just do whatever feels right.

The only caveat – but this isn’t really a caveat – is that over the years I’ve occasionally posted edugraphics, videos, etc. that others have sent me and asked me to share. This isn’t my work, and therefore isn’t covered by this uncopyright notice. For example, the Costs of Marriage Inequality infographic is not uncopyrighted. Just like a copyright notice doesn’t cover everything hosted on a website, this uncopyright notice only applies to the works I’ve created, not everything I share or link to.

That’s it! Use my stuff, because it’s not really mine. It’s ours.

Do me proud 😘