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What’s the difference?

Become an IPM Patron if you’re a fan of what I’m doing here, and want to support this site. The money will go to IPM and IPM only: hosting costs, development, and the creation of new resources, all guaranteeing this site stays alive & healthy, and is provided as a free, uncopyrighted resource for others.

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What is Patronage all about?

Is the word “Patron” new to you in this context? Or maybe you’ve never heard of Patreon? It’s pretty new to me, too! Watch the video below. It’ll explain everything.

The short version: Patreon is a platform that allows people to support creators they appreciate, building on the age-old idea of “patronage.”

In 2019, I started to use Patreon to try to support my work directly, instead of indirectly funding it by traveling the world performing comedy shows and delivering keynote speeches.

If you have more questions about all that, check out the Support IPM page, where I’ve written a lot about my thinking and decision-making.