Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m sK, and this is my free online resource for social justice, gender, and sexuality. The goal is to make it easy for you to learn, teach, and effect positive change in all three realms.

Actually, I suppose it’s not really my free online resource, considering I uncopyrighted everything here in 2013, and operate entirely in the gift economy, making everything as much yours as it is mine — my gift to you.

So welcome to your online resource for learning and teaching and making positive change 🤗

Would you like me to show you around? I’d be happy to! Click one of the buttons below if it sparks your fancy, or just scroll on down.

About this Site, in Short, Right Now

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual (IPM) reaches over a million readers a year in 238 countries. All the resources here are free and uncopyrighted, which allows advocates of social justice to put them to creative use in their local communities. IPM provides this access as a grassroots, advertisement-free, corporate-donation-free, and non-grant-supported media platform. The site was formerly funded by Sam Killermann’s campus programs (which are no longer offered), but is now funded by readers and patrons.

More about the Site ➞

Why is the site called “It’s Pronounced Metrosexual”?

Ready for a bit of history?

I originally created this site way back in 2011 to serve as an info page for a comedy show I had written, and was starting to perform on college campuses. The name of the show (you guessed it): “It’s Pronounced Metrosexual.” For awhile, that’s all this site was — no blog, no edugraphics, no resources.

But I found myself answering the same questions again and again on stage, after the show. They were questions about gender, sexuality, and social justice. They were questions that people didn’t have many outlets to learn about, and didn’t know who else to ask about.

At one point, my partner (at the time) overheard me answering one of these questions. It was about the difference between gender identity and expression and sex. After I was finished, she asked “Have you ever written that answer down?”

“Nope,” I said. I hadn’t even thought to.

“You should,” she said, obviously. Obviously!

And that’s how the second version of this site was born: a comedy show AND a free online resource.

Quickly, my articles and edugraphics started to reach far more people than my comedy show ever would. The traffic on this site went from a few dozen people per month, to a few hundred thousand, to peaks of over a million visitors per month.

So I started to invest more of my time into creating things for the internet, when I wasn’t traveling with my show, or doing other speaking/performing.

I do all the design, writing, coding, and website management myself, keeping the overhead really low (basically just the website hosting costs).

This led to me creating lots of edugraphics here, and lots of other free online resources, like The Safe Zone Project, which I co-created with Meg Bolger, or I Heart Singular They, a love letter I wrote and animated to a pronoun.

I kept performing the show, and racking up over 100 visits to colleges and universities over the years, and doing the show in all but two US states (I bet you can guess which two), and several countries.

Then, about halfway through 2018, I stopped performing the show, resulting in a third major transformation for this site: a free online resource (AND NOT a comedy show). There are a bunch of reasons for this that I’ll likely write about (but haven’t yet).

And that’s where we are now, in the present.

I hope you find the resources I’m creating here useful.

I hope you put my work to work. Pay the gift forward.

I hope you trust that everything here is yours as much as it is mine, that you advocate within your community to make someone’s life better, safer, more understood.

If nothing else, I hope you do everything in your power to make the people in your life feel completely unashamed of who they are.

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