A comic doodle of Sam Killermann with a sign on his neck that says anything you send might end up on the blog

Hi there!

I’m Sam and I write, doodle, and program/design this site. Pretty much all by myself. This comes as a surprise to most people (as evidenced by all the emails I get that are address to “the team”).

I get a lot of emails — arguably, too many emails (last count: 255,087 emails in 2016) — so the goal of this page is to prevent you from feeling the need to email me. Know that this comes from a place of love and kindness: if you email me, odds are I won’t see your email, and greater odds are I won’t respond. I’ll feel bad. You might feel bad. So let’s avoid all that, if we can, shall we?

Common Asks

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If you’re writing in to ask permission to use anything on the site (e.g., to print a graphic, or copy/paste a thing into another thing), permission granted. If you just want to get in touch to say thanks, or to share something cool you made with something I made, Twitter is a great way to do that.

Here are some things I DON’T do (or no longer do), under any circumstances:

  • Post sponsored content, third party infographics, or do outside advertising in any form
  • Read/share press releases, crowdfunding requests, or other announcements
  • Host unsolicited guest blogs, articles from readers, or other outside content
  • Perform the It’s Pronounced Metrosexual comedy show

So if you’re reaching out for the above things, please know your request will be ignored. I won’t reply to requests to tell you that I don’t do these things. Sorry! (This is blunt, but I’m hoping it will save you the time of reaching out, which I think is a nice form of bluntness)

Say Hi, Ask a Question, Request Something, Etc.

Not dismayed by everything above? Great! Looking forward to hearing from you. Click the link below to fill out a short google form, which will relay your message to me 🙂

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