Improving the Genderbread Person: I need YOUR help

Update of updates: thanks to thousands of messages and tons of conversations, I released Genderbread Person v3 (here’s the most recent iteration) with my book. The outpouring of constructive feedback was overwhelming. Thank you.

Hey friends, here’s the thing:

I made this graphic about a month ago, made a printer-friendly version about a week ago, and sometime in the last five days it erupted (a “ton of views and traffic” eruption, not a “lava and ash and destruction” eruption).  It’s been viewed close to 500,000 times (that’s half a million) that I can account for.  But there’s a problem.

The Genderbread Person I created is far from perfect.

I sought to improve upon previous versions, and though I did so, there’s still a lot of room for improvement, particularly in the area of sexual orientation.  I’ve received hundreds of comments, emails, and DMs to the effect of “it’s great, other than the sexual orientation part”, but not too many provide a working solution.

Help me solve this dilemma and get a better Genderbread Person up for the next half million views.

Below is the best revision I have so far, so perhaps we can start there.  Leave your constructive criticisms and suggestions in the comments below.  If the suggestion already exists, vote that suggestion up, don’t leave a duplicate.

What do you think?  Can we equality and progress be crowd-sourced?  I think so.  Let’s find out.


Please keep in mind that this graphic should be simple and easily understood.  It’s mean to be printed and stand alone as an educational piece, not needing further explanation.  Great suggestions so far, folks.  Keep it up!


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