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Self-Guided Foundational Safe Zone Training

“Learn about your first impressions of LGBTQ+ people, core vocabulary, gender & sexuality theory, privilege & coming out, and get your questions answered.”

That’s from the course description, and does a good job of summing this up. I co-created this course with Meg Bolger based on our years of experience facilitating countless in-person Safe Zone workshops. You can enroll at and start the course now.

The course should take a few hours to complete, but you’re welcome to spend a day or two on it. There are interactive modules, assignments, and lots of resources to keep you learning long after you’re done.

We didn’t create this to replace an in-person Safe Zone training, but instead as an accessible introduction for people unable to attend a live training in their community.

That said, we strongly (strongly) encourage you to seek out a local, in-person, human-to-human training instead of – or in addition to – taking this self-guided, online course. Google, as well as your local PFLAG chapter, are both great resources for finding nearby workshops.

Here’s the rest of the course description:

“Gender and sexuality show up in our lives hundreds of times a day. Despite being core aspects of who we are, conversations about these concepts are often hushed or dismissed. When we do hear about them — whether it’s in the media, or in our schools, workplaces, and communities — we are often misinformed, or painted an unhealthy, stigmatizing picture.

Now take all that and multiply it by 100 when we’re talking about LGBTQ+ genders and sexualities.

This self-guided Safe Zone training will give you an opportunity to explore lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other marginalized genders and sexualities (LGBTQ+).

Upon enrollment, you’ll create a username and password to access the course. You’ll use this to take the course, and will be able to log back in to revisit lessons and access materials whenever you want.”


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