Social Justice Minus Dogma Online Course

Over the course of 6 weeks of self-guided learning (or however long you choose), explore the social justice dogma, identify its cornerstones and pitfalls, and plot a path forward toward true living social justice.

This course is an extension of all the writing I’ve done here about “social justice dogma." Beyond thoroughly explaining what it is, and why it might be problematic, it’s a map for taking steps toward living social justice, minus the dogma – for educators, activists, and all types of social justice people.

The course consists of 6 modules (in addition to Orientation & Graduation):

  1. Dot-Com-Munity, answering: What does it take to create a community where you confront a dogma? What’s at stake? How easily can things go wrong? How can we create a durable container to hold real community?
  2. Barks Like a Dogma, answering: What do we mean by “Social Justice Dogma”? Can we spot dogmatic thinking, acting, and believing? In what ways does SJD show up in our lives?
  3. Cutting Cornerstones, answering: Why does dogma flourish? What are the foundational beliefs of SJD? How does SJD provide positive feedback?
  4. The Acolytes, answering: What are the virtues of the defenders of SJD? How can we give SJD acolytes a way out? What will an SJMD conversation feel like?
  5. Theses Pieces, answering: What does social justice look like without the dogma? How do we avoid the pitfalls of recreating SJD? What are the building blocks of living social justice? How do we chart paths forward?
  6. SJMD IRL, answering: How do we bring SJMD to our IRL communities? What’s included in our MVP? What are the first steps we’re going to take?

Like everything I do, it’s offered in the gift economy, meaning you choose a tuition level that works for you (even $0), based on your ability, gratitude, or sense of what it’s worth.


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