Want to help improve this free online resource? Make it better for others? Pitch in with your time and talents, instead of patronage? I’ve got a few things in mind: edits, translations, & signal boosting.

I’ll walk you through the avenues I’ve created, and let me know if there’s another way you want to help, that isn’t detailed here.

Are you, or is someone you know, in crisis? If so, we cannot help, but we know someone who can. Trevor Hotline: “If you’re thinking about suicide, you deserve immediate help.” Call 1-866-488-7386 or text “TREVOR” to 1-202-304-1200. Trans Lifeline: “A peer support service run by trans people, for trans and questioning callers.” Call 877-565-8860 (United States) or 877-330-6366 (Canada)

Suggesting Edits

If you notice a typo anywhere on the site, or there’s a content error you’d like to suggest I fix, I’ll be grateful if you point it out (you won’t hurt my feelings).

All of the content for the site is publicly viewable on Github, and you can submit pull requests with suggested edits.

All you need is a Github account (which is free), and the knowledge of how to use it (here’s a great resource for non-programmers to learn Github).

Translating Resources

Are you fluent in English and another language? Want to help make a resource on this site accessible to people who speak that other language, and might not speak English? Me too!

If you’re comfy using Github, you can submit a translation there. Just create a new file and add the two-letter (ISO 639-1) language code as a suffix in the file name before the “.md” (e.g., If you were translating this page into French, you’d create a file called help.fr.md). Submit that as a pull request, and I’ll take it from there.

If you’re not comfy using Github (or willing to learn), you can just send me a Google Drive document, Word document, or whatever works for you, of the content you’re translating, and I’ll do my best to get it into action. These are harder for me to manage, but still greatly appreciated.

Signal Boosting

The resources here reach millions of new people every year because people like you spread the word. I don’t have an advertising budget, or the money to spend on such things. I never have. It’s pure word of mouth.

So if you want to help the cause, one of the best things you can do is simply spread the word. Link people to resources here you think are useful, important, or helpful for the world. Share them with email lists. Print them and put them up on billboards. Do whatever you’d like!

And if there’s something I can do to help you boost the signal, please let me know. I’m here to serve.