Here you will find an assortment of media related to the show.  We will constantly update this page with new posters, promotional materials, videos, photos, and other media as they are created.

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual Demo Reel

Sam’s Gender TED Talk

Sam’s [Old] Stand Up Comedy Reel

Sam Killermann Headshots

sam-killermann-headshot-color-purple-1600 sam-killermann-headshot-color-pink-1600 sam-killermann-headshot-color-orange-1600 sam-killermann-headshot-color-yellow-1600 sam-killermann-headshot-color-green-1600 sam-killermann-headshot-color-blue-1600

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IPM “Words” Poster

IPM Words PosterDownload high-res .jpg and .psd template

IPM Logos

IPM Script Logo IPM Two-Line Logo Download high-res logos