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30+ Examples of Male Privileges

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Following is a list of male privileges.  If you are male (and a man), listed below are benefits that result from being born with that gender and sex.

If you identify as a man, there’s a good chance you’ve never thought about these things.  Try and be more cognizant of these privileges in your daily life and you’ll understand how much work we have to do to make for a society that is equitable to all people, of all genders.

  1. If you have a bad day or are in a bad mood, people aren’t going to blame it on your gender.
  2. You can be careless with your money and not have people blame it on your gender.
  3. You can be a careless driver and not have people blame it on your gender.
  4. You can be confident that your coworkers won’t assume you were hired because of your gender.
  5. If you are never promoted, it isn’t because of your gender.
  6. You can expect to be paid equitably for the work you do and not paid less because of your gender.
  7. If you are unable to succeed in your career, that won’t be seen as evidence against your gender in the workplace.
  8. A decision to hire you won’t be based on whether the employer assumes you will be having children in the near future.
  9. You can generally work comfortably (or walk down a public street) without the fear of sexual harassment.
  10. You can generally walk alone at night without the fear of being raped or otherwise harmed.
  11. You can go on a date with a stranger without the fear of being raped.
  12. You can dress how you want and not worry it will be used as a defense if you are raped.
  13. If you are straight, you are not likely to be abused by your partner nor be told to continue living in an abusive household for your children.
  14. You can decide not to have children and not have your masculinity questioned.
  15. If you choose to have children, you will be praised for caring for your children instead of being expected to be the full-time caretaker.
  16. You can balance a career and a family without being called selfish for not staying at home (or being constantly pressured to stay at home).
  17. If you are straight and decide to have children with your partner, you can assume this will not affect your career.
  18. If you rise to prominence in an organization/role, no one will assume it is because you slept your way to the top.
  19. You can seek political office without having your gender be a part of your platform.
  20. You can seek political office without fear of your relationship with your children, or whom you hire to take care of them, being scrutinized by the press.
  21. Most political representatives share your gender, particularly the higher-ups.
  22. Your political officials fight for issues that pertain to your gender, or at least don’t dismiss your issues as “special interest.”
  23. You can ask for the “person in charge” and will likely be greeted by a member of your gender.
  24. As a child, you were able to find plenty of non-limiting, non-gender-role-stereotyped media to view.
  25. You can disregard your appearance without worrying about being criticized at work or in social situations.
  26. You can spend time on your appearance without being criticized for upholding unhealthy gender norms.
  27. If you’re not conventionally attractive (or in shape), you don’t have to worry as much about it negatively affecting your social or career potential.
  28. You’re not expected to spend excessive amounts of money on grooming, style, and appearance to fit in, while making less money.
  29. You can have promiscuous sex and be viewed positively for it.
  30. You can go to a car dealership or mechanic and assume you’ll get a fair deal and not be taken advantage of.
  31. Colloquial phrases and conventional language reflect your gender (e.g., mailman, “all men are created equal”).
  32. Every major religion in the world is led by individuals of your gender.
  33. You can practice religion without subjugating yourself or thinking of yourself as less because of your gender.
  34. You are unlikely to be interrupted in conversations because of your gender.

After reading this (and before you write me an email), you might appreciate reading my article 5 Reasons Why So Many People Believe Feminism Hates Men, and Why They’re Not True.


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