50+ concrete things you can do today to make for a more socially just tomorrow

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Social justice — the idea that everyone in a society, regardless of the identities they embody, can have an equitable shot at success and happiness — is a goal that seems unrealistic for many people. “It’s a pipe dream, Sam,” they say, smugly. “Life isn’t rainbows and butterflies,” they say, adorably.

To achieve social justice we will have to break down a lot of huge barriers that exist on a scale far above the individual, but even the biggest scale change is nothing more than the sum of a whole lot of individual efforts.  My goal with this site is to support you in doing just that: making big change on an individual level.

Following are a whole lot of individual efforts you can make today that will be significant steps toward that biggest scale change we need for a socially just tomorrow.

  1. Read through this entire list, acquaint yourself with the breadth of options before diving in
  2. Learn about how diversity and intersections of identity work


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