Gender Book Coming Soon (Update: It's OUT!)

Update: the book is super out and you can get your copy at I’ll leave the original announcement below for posterity’s sake

Hey folks! Great news!

(if you’re a fan of my work, otherwise “bad news!”)

I wrote a book (That’s it in the ad!). It’s a guide to gender, from a social justice perspective. It’s a couple hundred pages of in-depth explorations of gender (going beyond the Genderbread Person), social justice how-tos & best practices, and (of course) dozens of adorable doodles and silly graphics. Some of what comprises the book you may have seen in some undeveloped form here, but you’ll also find a ton of new goodness to cook your mind potatoes.

If it proves to be helpful, desirable, and/or popular, it will be the first of many in a series of handbooks. Currently, I’m wrapping up edits with a wonderful editorial team, and am ready to move toward publishing.

I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to publish the book, but here are the criteria I’m working from:

  1. Have a free version of the book available for electronic download (accessibility is always priority #1)
  2. High-quality print option that will do my doodles justice
  3. Get it from my head into as many of your hands as quickly and easily as possible

The first goal is one that the two traditional publishers I’m in talks with aren’t thrilled about (understandably so). And the second and third make self-publishing less appealing. I’m doing my best to find some compromise that ultimately most benefits my readership.

If you’re interested in being kept in the loop as I make my decision, click here to sign up to receive email updates as I move forward.

I’m really excited about this, and hope you are, too.

Yours in peace, love, & gender equity,


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