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Defining LGBTQ+

Defining LBGTQ+ is a helpful guide for getting a grasp on the terminology of gender and sexuality. It includes definitions for lots of terms, explainers for how to use them, and more!

Now, before you get too excited, it’s not really a book-book. Think of it more like an elaborately annotated glossary, or a dictionary with way too much context.

The deets:

  • It’s short. It weighs in at 37 pages and about 10,000 words.
  • It’s printer-friendly. I formatted to look great on an 8.5″ x 11″ letter size (sorry to my A4 friends abroad — if enough of you ask, I’ll format it in A4 as well!)
  • It’s uncopyrighted. Like everything else I make here, so you can modify it and use it in your educational endeavors.
  • It’s a work in progress. Just like my original post, I’ll update this continually with changes suggested by you, and to reflect the evolution of culture.
  • It’s pay-what-you-want/can. You can get it for free, or choose to pay (whatever amount you can or want to pay, even $0! I’m happy to provide this as my gift to you). I’m delivering this via Gumroad (instead of as a .PDF download here) to make it easier to update you when I improve it or fix tpyos.

There’s a big ol’ backstory behind it that I might get into at some point, but right now I just want to keep it at that.

This is a thing that a lot of you asked for, and you now you can have it.

Share it with a friend, print a copy for your parent(s), or add it to a new employee orientation handbook. Do you. I’m here to help.


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