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Toyota airs a Gay-Friendly Super Bowl Commercial

Hello, Toyota.

@EricTeske pointed out the Super Bowl ad below, with the following comment:

The add features a decidedly gay-friendly moment, and we’re not talking about the Lionel Richie (he’s straight, folks).  About 8 seconds in a man is presented with options for a super-hot near-naked ladies couch, or a super-hot near-naked dudes couch.  And he seems to be more interested in the prospect of resting his butter bumps atop a smattering of hyper-manly beefcakes.

Read enough of my jibberish yet?  Watch the video and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

As was just pointed out on facebook, if you saw this commercial and didn’t notice the gay-friendly sentiment, that’s a good thing.  Being able to have a commercial like this without it being labeled explicitly “pro-gay” means gay is becoming more “normal.”  Just as heteronormativity is subtly reinforced (see: every other Super Bowl ad), it’s progress when an lgbt-friendly message can be just as subtle.

Or, as Eric continued in the comments below, “Just think, his little smirk in approval of a male-beefcake-couch was seen by millions of Super Bowl viewers! This shallow but broad engagement of mass media consumers does a lot to normalize the idea of men who are attracted to men.”

Thanks for the sharp eye and keen insights, Eric!


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