6+ LGBTQ Obama 2012 Campaign Graphics

I support Barack Obama because I want to see more legislation protecting marginalized social groups and identities and he’s the only one likely to make it happen.  

If that’s something you value, you should probably support him, too.  I made these LGBTQ-themed Obama support graphics for fun.  If you like ’em, share ’em.  If you don’t, don’t.  It’s that simple 🙂

If I create more (I likely will) I’ll post them below (stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for updates). Also, feel free to make requests in the comments below (but no promises).

Gay for Obama Trans* for ObamaObama 2012 LGBTQ+

[Obama 2012 Rainbow


Obama 2012 Heart Obama 2012 Trans* Democrat Pride Obama Letter Rainbow


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